A day in the life of a software developer

Software developers wear many hats, juggling various tasks and responsibilities throughout the day. Here are some common daily activities you might find on a developer’s to-do list on any given day: Coding: Obviously, writing code is the bread and butter of a software developer’s day. This might involve creating new features, fixing bugs, refactoring existing […]

Being a software developer with a full-time job

When it comes to working in software development, being employed full-time by a company is the most common and traditional path. Types of Companies that Hire Software Developers There’s a wide variety of companies that hire software developers, from small startups to global tech giants. Here are a few examples: Tech giants: Big tech companies […]

Working as a freelance software developer

Another popular way to work in software development is as a freelance developer or contractor. Why Companies Hire Freelance Software Developers Freelance software developers can find work with a wide variety of companies, ranging from small startups to large corporations. Some reasons these companies might choose to hire freelancers include: Short-term projects: Companies often need […]

Remote work and digital nomadism for developers

Remote Work and Digital Nomadism – Code from Anywhere The concept of remote work, or working from a location outside of the traditional office environment, has gained significant traction in recent years. This trend has been driven by advancements in technology and communication tools, as well as a growing desire for flexibility and work-life balance. […]

Software developers as entrepreneurs

After gaining some skill and experience as a software developer there are ample opportunities for moving into entrepreneurship. Many software developers have taken the leap into becoming entrepreneurs and have started and built successful software businesses. Business Models for Software Developer Entrepreneurs There are several business models that software developers can pursue as when starting […]