How can I help?

Hi! I’m MB a seasoned software consultant. I specialize in designing and building new software products and integrating business systems. My services encompass everything from system architecture and development to project management and strategic planning.

Product Development Services

I build new business software products, either for internal use or for offering as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product.

MVPs for New SaaS Businesses

For new startups, I serve as a fractional CTO, steering the technical direction, leveraging the right technologies and agile methodologies to design, develop, and deploy a minimum viable product (MVP) for B2B SaaS businesses. By providing strategic leadership and technical guidance, I can help your B2B SaaS startup navigate the complexities of getting a new product built, and then I will help you to recruit and train a team to develop and maintain the product.

Custom Business Apps

Every business is unique, and sometimes your specific business needs might not be covered by off-the-shelf software. I can design and build custom line of business apps to cater for your unique requirements in a specific area. A custom solution can streamline your workflows, increase productivity, and offer control and visibility into your processes for that area of your business.

Data Integration Services

I do work on custom data integrations to enhance business operations by linking E-commerce, CRM, accounting, and ERP systems together. My focus is on creating seamless data flow between different systems and to tailor each integration to meet specific needs without overcomplicating things.

Custom E-commerce Integrations

I’ve worked on many projects that connect E-commerce platforms with accounting systems, ERP systems or CRM systems to streamline operations by automating data transfer. This reduces manual input and error rates, ensuring that inventory, orders, and customer details are synchronized in real time, thus improving decision-making and customer service.

Custom Data Integrations for ERP

I have experience in crafting custom integrations between ERP systems and other software. This involves understanding the complexities of ERP systems and using their APIs to build solutions that not only connect but also extend the ERP’s capabilities. Previous projects have included integrating ERP systems with CRM systems or even other ERP systems to automate workflows, ensure accurate data and reduce redundancy. My approach is hands-on and tailored, focusing on understanding your specific business needs to create effective integrations.