Get a degree in Computer Science

The traditional route to becoming a software developer is to get a university degree. A Computer Science degree can be an excellent foundation for aspiring software developers, providing them with a solid grounding in the principles and practices of the field. What is a Computer Science Degree? A Computer Science degree is a higher education […]

Do a coding bootcamp or online course

Unlike many other professions where a degree is a pre-requisite for working in the field, the traditional three- or four-year Computer Science degree isn’t the only path to becoming a software developer. Coding bootcamps and online coding courses offer an alternative, accelerated route for those who are eager to enter the world of coding. Coding […]

DIY learning – become a self-taught software developer

For those who crave even more flexibility and autonomy in their quest to become a software developer, there’s a third option: DIY learning. This approach allows you to become a self-taught programmer, building your skills on your own terms and at your own pace. How DIY Learning Differs from Traditional Degrees and Bootcamps DIY learning, […]

Choosing a software developer learning path

After exploring the three primary pathways to becoming a software developer – traditional Computer Science degrees, bootcamps and online courses, and DIY learning – you may be wondering which path is right for you. When considering which route to take on your coding journey, keep the following factors in mind: Your goals: Consider what you […]