Types of software businesses

We now turn our attention to exploring the various types of software businesses. Each type presents a unique set of opportunities, challenges, and operating models, thereby offering diverse paths to entrepreneurship within the software industry. Why Does the Type of Software Business Matter? Choosing the right business type is critical to your venture’s success. Each […]

Software as a Service (SaaS) company

Software as a Service (SaaS) has emerged as a leading business model in the tech industry over the past decade. Powering the functionality of everything from enterprise-level customer relationship management (CRM) systems to individual productivity apps, SaaS has fundamentally changed the way software is delivered and consumed. What is a SaaS business? At its most […]

Non-SaaS software company

What is a Non-SaaS Software Business? A Non-SaaS software business is a company that develops and sells software products outside of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. These businesses typically sell their products as one-time purchases, perpetual licenses, or other models that do not involve a recurring subscription fee. Examples of non-SaaS software businesses […]

Micro-SaaS / indie software company

While the SaaS industry has become synonymous with enterprise solutions and large-scale applications, another trend is on the rise: Micro-SaaS, or software solutions targeted at niche markets, often built and managed by individual entrepreneurs or small teams. These indie software businesses provide tailored solutions for specific industries, demographics, or problem areas that might be overlooked […]

Software development agency

What is a Software Dev Agency? A software development agency, often abbreviated as “dev agency,” is a type of software business that provides custom software development services to clients. Ranging from website development to complex system integrations, the projects they undertake are as varied as their clients. This kind of agency often has a diverse […]

Open source software company

The software world has seen a significant shift with the advent of open-source software (OSS). At its core, open-source is about transparent collaboration, where developers from around the world contribute to creating, improving, and distributing software. Open-source software businesses have harnessed this model, incorporating it into a sustainable revenue-generating strategy, even though the primary product […]