Who should read this software career guide?

Having spent the better part of two decades in various roles within the tech industry, I can confidently say that my favorite hat to wear is that of a software developer. There’s something incredibly satisfying about tackling puzzles and crafting elegant code on my computer all day long. This website is designed to help you figure out if you’re cut from the same cloth—if the world of software development is your true calling. And if it is, we will guide you through the process of acquiring the skills you need to become a software developer; and we will show you how to find work in this field.

Are you a high school student interested in apps and technology? Are you a college graduate struggling to find a job in your area of study? Are you in a frustrating job and looking for a different career path? Every day, people just like you start taking their first few steps to becoming software developers. This guide will help you to join them.

Alternatively, you might not be looking to become a software developer yourself. Maybe your child has been showing interest in this career, and you want to learn how to support them on this exciting journey. Or, maybe your significant other is already a developer, and you are looking to gain insight into their world. Even so, this guide can benefit you by shining a light into this murky world that insiders understand well but that outsiders sometimes find incomprehensible.