Data integrations

How to create a Google service account for integrations

A service account is a special kind of Google account used by an app, rather than a person, to authenticate and access Google APIs. If you want to build a server-side integration with no UI and where there is no user auth process, you can use a service account.

To create a service account, follow these instructions:

Go to

Log into your account or create a new account

Go to:

Click on ‘Select a project’

From the projects list, select a project or create a new one by clicking ‘New Project’

If you create a new project, give it a name. Eg. jira2gdrive

You can leave the Organization at No Organization or, optionally, change the organization.

Click ‘Create’ to create the project.

Click ‘Select Project’ once the confirmation appears.

Go to the project dashboard.

Click on ‘IAM & Admin’ from the left menu

Click on ‘Service Accounts’

Click ‘+ Create Service Account’.
Type in a service account name. Eg. ‘Service Account for jira2gdrive’
Type in a service account. Eg. ‘serviceaccount4jira2gdrive’
Click Create
The email address will be:

Choose the service account. Click the Keys tab and click ‘Create new key’

Choose JSON format.