How to integrate Jira and Google Drive to archive Jira issue attachments

Jira and file attachments Jira allows you to upload file attachments and link them to an issue. In addition, you can also copy and paste file attachments into the description field and into comments. These become attachments in the issue but you also get a preview of the attachment inside the description or comment. This […]

How to create a Google service account for integrations

A service account is a special kind of Google account used by an app, rather than a person, to authenticate and access Google APIs. If you want to build a server-side integration with no UI and where there is no user auth process, you can use a service account. To create a service account, follow […]

How to create API keys for Jira

To connect to the Jira API, you need to use an API token. Follow this process to create these tokens. Log into your Jira account by going to you homepage which will be something like this: . Go to . Click ‘Create API token’. A dialog will appear. Type in a label for […]

How to enable the Google Drive API

Follow these instructions to enable the Google Drive API so that you can access Google Drive resources from your code. Go to: Choose your project. If the APIs & services page isn’t already open, open the console left side menu and select APIs & services. Select Enabled APIs and services Click ‘+ Enable APIs […]

How to build a custom integration between PayPal and NetSuite

Why Connect PayPal to NetSuite? If you are operating in the e-commerce space, having all your systems integrated and speaking to one another is crucial for your overall productivity, operational efficiency, and improved customer experience. If you are a business that uses NetSuite; that is involved in e-commerce, digital goods, or subscription services; and you […]

How to integrate NetSuite with external systems

SuiteTalk, NetSuite’s web services integration platform, comprises two key components: the older SuiteTalk SOAP Web Services Platform and the newer SuiteTalk REST Web Services API. These components provide developers with the necessary tools to integrate NetSuite seamlessly with external systems and applications, enabling businesses to streamline processes, automate workflows, and enhance collaboration. SuiteTalk SOAP Web […]

How a custom data integration benefits your operations

In today’s increasingly digital business operations, companies deploy an array of applications to manage different aspects of their operations – CRMs for customer relationships, e-commerce platforms for online sales, billing systems for charging customers, and typically an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to serve as the master database for all this business and financial data. […]